Urban Farming

Manhattan WetLands & WildLife Association
North Cove, Sherman Creek, & “Three Sister Coves”
Stewardship - Science - Rehabilitation – Restoration – Education  

International-Flyway Tidal-Estuary Restoration
Four-Cove Complex on Harlem River, NYC, NY, USA
U.S. EPA Endorses Steward : James A. Cataldi “Birdman of Inwood”

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  1. Growing Power Milwaukee Urban Farm
  2. Growing Power Foundation Milwaukee Urban Farm

Growing Power Urban Farm – Milwaukee, WI 10/09


State of the Re:Union – A Food Revolution in Milwaukee
Will Allen started a food revolution in creating new urban farmers across the country. State of the Re:Union explores one of those farms in Milwaukee called Sweet Water Organics. Check out their incredible process that utilizes aquaponics and hydroponics, as well as their philosophy on taking another step to fighting the phenomena known as food deserts.

Brooklyn Grange Farm in NYC, Part 1.

Brooklyn Grange Farm NYC  Part 2

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